International Presence

You need to expand in new territories but you have well considered the cost of this and you are taking a step backwards.

You may need to first test the waters and then make long term  investments in establishing offices, people, marketing activities etc. We can become your local presence, and help you set goals, negotiate and close deals in multiple countries across EMEA with roaming sales and administration staff, define sales strategy and establish plans of actions.

As soon as you feel that you selected the right outsourcing partner and your revenues are increasing we can setup a regional virtual or normal office for you in Greece or Bahrain with shared or dedicated personnel that offers secretarial, sales and technical services when required.

What we offer?

  • A point of contact / client service manager for you
  • Dedicate phone & fax line
  • Office Address
  • Other business services and facilities that are required


If you are looking for a virtual office, with an address, telephone and a secretary for basic customer interaction and back office work, we can provide you with the appropriate profile and setup the environment in no more than 15-20 days.

Help Desk & Customer Service

If you require a European or Arabic language operator(s)  to work the hours you prefer we can customize a solution for based on your requirements and your budget.


If you are looking for a reliable and thirsty partner in Europe & Middle East our business development managers can definitely offer you a range of services such as channel development / resellers  appointment, direct sales,  lead generation cross-selling & up-selling, advisory services etc.

You tested the waters and you were successful, your revenues are enough to support the establishment of your own office and the market conditions look prosperous, we are very sorry to lose you as a customer but we are very happy that we helped one more company to succeed. We can help you with the local laws and regulations requirements; find the appropriate office for leasing or purchase, appointing staff etc.

Expand internationally but get represented locally with Sales Effect, send us now your inquiry.