Regional office in Greece

Time Zone

Doing business in EMEA from your office in Hong Kong, China, USA etc requires multiple shifts in order to effectively manage all these countries. Greece is GMT+2 during winter and GMT +3 during summer, this means that office hours are similar with the most European, Middle Eastern and African countries.

Work Force

Due to significant economic financial issues labor laws and salary schemes are becoming more flexible  to make the market more competitive for foreign investments.

Many seasoned and highly educated professionals from multiple market sectors are available.

According to a research made by National Statistics of Britain, Greek employees work more than any other EU member country.

Greece has one of the highest rates of people knowing more than one foreign language such us English, French and Spanish.

Native language speakers of English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Turkish and Albanian are available.


Greece is strategically located and it is connecting three continents  Europe, Asia and Africa. It is located in Southern Europe and Balkan area, and it is very close to ex-Soviet Union countries, Middle East and North Africa.

One of the most important commercial ports to enter you products in Europe is located in Piraeus. In 2013 many companies including HP choose main Greek pier as their regional transport hub for Europe, Middle East and labor laws and salary schemed are becoming more flexible in order to make the market more competitive for investments.


Nevertheless Greece is still suffering from bureaucratic procedures in setting up a business and a complicated tax system, things are constantly improving as the country sees foreign investments as the way to improve the financial condition.

Enter new markets and better support your existing customers with a regional office in Greece.

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