Service and Product Exports

Nowadays many national markets remain in recession; consequently your products and services suffer from that environment and you can hardly grow your business. Exporting your products is a way to anticipate that situation; it will improve them and take your business to the next level.

Are you ready?

Before you decide to export your products you need to make an internal assessment. There are tenths of questions to be answered here are some basic:

Human Resources

Do you have adequate human resources and can you handle the cost of additional personnel?


Do you have enough capital to support credit and additional production costs in order to maintain a good cash flow?


Do you have legal and tax advisors to support you with the export process?

Transportation & Logistics

How can you export your product and what is the cost?

Local Representation

Who is going to represent you and what skills are required?


What is your competition and is the new market ready for your product?

Product Adaptation

Can you market the product in foreign markets as is or modifications (i.e. in packaging, in substances) are needed?


Do you have objectives and realistic expectations for your services and product exports?

What Sales Effect can do for you?

Through our specialized team we help companies to transform a national brand to an international brand.

Our services include export ability assessment, export preparation, sales & strategy consulting and building international distribution or reseller channels.

Should you need to export your products to Europe, Middle East or North Africa? Contact Sales Effect for an initial conversation.