Sales Outsourcing

New customer acquisitions and partnerships development is very important for business growth but many times companies fail due to ineffective sales strategy, closing sales difficulties and unexpected market conditions.

Building a successful sales team is not easy; finding skilled sales people that fit with company culture and strategy it is a long and costly process.

Whether you are facing any of the above difficulties or you just need to add some more sales efforts or you completely need to outsource your sales activities, Sales Effect is ready to discuss, assess and provide you with the appropriate solution in EMEA that drives revenue.
What we offer

  • Indirect sales & channel partners appointment
  • Direct sales
  • Lead generation
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling to existing customers
  • Sales Advisory
  • Marketing & PR
  • Many other…

Sales Effect is offering competitive and effective sales outsourcing services for many industries, please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.